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​Vertical Vegetable Garden

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Growing a vertical vegetable garden has many benefits, not only do you get to enjoy your garden but you get to enjoy eating the fruits of your labor. If you have limited yard space and can’t grow a full garden in your backyard, then growing vegetables in a vertical garden is ideal. My Garden Post vertical garden allows you to grow an entire vegetable garden in 4 square feet – perfect for a balcony garden, deck garden, or even an indoor garden.

So what vegetables can you grow in a vertical garden like My Garden Post? Well, here are a few of the most popular varieties of vegetables grown on our vertical garden.

  • Spacemaster Cucumbers
  • Bush Champion Cucumbers
  • Bush Steak Tomatoes
  • California Wonder Peppers
  • Tiny Tim Tomatoes
  • Lettuce varieties

Situated on a post, My Garden Post has 5 planters that can grow a wide assortment of vegetables. With 3 small planters ideal for Tiny Tim Tomatoes, the 2 large planters on the bottom can grow cucumbers with ease and peppers. What’s even better, you can grow your vegetable garden just steps from your kitchen – so harvesting your vegetables is a snap.

With My Garden Post, you have the option to grow vegetables from seed or transplant the vegetables. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a new or veteran gardener – we make it as simple as possible to grow a vertical vegetable garden.

Here are some additional resources to help you grow a vertical vegetable garden with My Garden Post:

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