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Vertical Gardening for Classroom Education

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With the school year in full swing, it’s time to look at different tools and education tips to help teach students all about health, gardening, and growing their own food. As teachers, it can be quite the challenge coming up and creating a classroom that fosters creativity, teamwork, and learning all at once. And let’s not forget that teachers often have the responsibility of funding a lot of their own additional supplies for their students, not just the basics.

Teachers need to worry about the right paper, notebooks, pens, creative play toys, books, and a variety of learning and teaching tools. Plus, teachers need to prepare lesson plans and find creative ways to help their students learn the curriculum and so much more. Students spend a majority of their day in the classroom with their teachers and it is part of their role to help shape their student’s future.

Educating students on how to eat the right food for their health is a crucial nowadays. Students need to learn how they can get vitamins and nutrients from different foods and how to avoid sugary and fatty foods that can hurt their health. Plus, teaching students all about how to garden is something unique and a lesson that they will remember forever. Learning how to garden can help kids learn about the earth, vegetation, harvesting, and even the food chain. Incorporating gardening into your curriculum can be a great life lesson, not just a school lesson.

But, how can you teach your students to grow a garden throughout the school year? It’s not an overnight process. That’s where My Garden Post comes in to help. Our vertical garden allows you to show your students how to pot soil, plant seeds, water the plant and track the growth of different vegetables and herbs. Best of all, My Garden Post only takes up 4 square feet. You can place your post in a corner of your classroom (as long as it gets sunlight) and have your students track the progress that they make over time. Then, when you finally can harvest – you can teach your students all about the produce and herbs and send them home as a gift for the family!

The opportunities for learning and teaching are endless with our vertical gardening system. How creative can you get with My Garden Post in your classroom? Share with us in the comments below. 

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