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​Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Gardener’s Edition

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Mother’s Day is just a few weeks away – falling on May 14th this year, are you ready with a gift for the most important person in your life? Whether you’re looking for a gift for your mother, grandmother or even wife, we have selected a handful of items that will be perfect for the green thumb women in your family.

Garden gifts are a great gift for Mother’s Day – especially if you live in the northern parts of the U.S. just because of the temperature and timing. You can start your garden with the help of the following gifts. And for the rest of the U.S. – these gifts will make the perfect addition to your already thriving garden!

MyGarden Post Vertical Garden

This vertical garden is great for new gardeners and veteran gardeners. Designed to fit in 4 square feet, this garden can grow an entire garden in just a corner of your home or deck. It’s easy to set up, easy to get started and maintenance is simple – an ideal gift for your mom or grandmother this year! Plus, it takes only 10 minutes to set up and no tools are required. Your mom or grandma can get started on their garden immediately and start harvesting their favorite herbs, vegetables and fruit.

Garden Tools

Whether for a vertical garden or a full garden, it’s always a great gift to upgrade your mom’s set of gardening tools. Any gardener will be happy with a new, clean and durable set – ready to help them get this year’s garden underway or to take care of the garden that they already have planted!

Gardening Gloves

Some moms may not care about getting some dirt under their fingernails, others might! So, here is a great accessory gift for your mom – some creative and colorful gloves to keep her hands (and nails) clean while she takes care of her garden.

Gardening Mug

You can never have too many mugs – that’s at least what my kids say every holiday when I’m gifted a new mug! You can use them for your coffee or tea, soup, or even a pencil holder! So there’s really no reason not to surprise mom with a gardening mug. You can even add a few packets of seeds to the inside and a cute gardening accent to make it a themed gift!

Gardening Hat

Beat the heat and keep out of the sun with this hat! It may even be considered stylish by some – but when it comes to function, nothing beats it out when you’re working in the garden!

Garden Accessories

Themed gifts are a great way to get mom everything she loves in a little package! So, you can include a vertical garden system, some butterfly accessories and maybe even a gift card to your local nursery or home & garden center to pick up some of her favorite seeds or transplants.

Moms are special people in our lives, they are there from the beginning and through everything – so we want to make sure you can make her day extra special! We hope you can find the perfect gardening gift for mom this Mother’s Day! 

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