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​Garden-to-Table Cooking

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We’ve all heard the term “farm-to-table” cooking and know what that means – the produce comes straight from a local farmer and is served by the restaurant, essentially cutting out the middle man. So, why not bring this style of fresh cooking to your home with garden-to-table cooking? Here’s how and why you should!

How to Cook From the Garden

Don’t fret if you don’t have the space to grow an entire garden – there’s still a way to grow and harvest fresh vegetables, herbs and even fruit! Whether you have access to an urban rooftop garden, a community garden or decide to grow on a vertical garden, you don’t need a ton of space to cook with the freshest ingredients cultivated from your own garden.

My Garden Post is an innovative vertical garden system that allows you to grow an entire garden in just 4 square feet. With 5 different planters attached to a post, you can grow herbs, vegetables and fruit in your home, on a deck or even on a balcony. You don’t need much space and can grow plenty to keep your meals tasting fresh!

Mix and match what you grow in your garden. What ingredients do you cook with the most? Do you use basil or parsley often? Grow some fresh tomatoes, add basil and a few other ingredients for a delicious Caprese salad? What about jalapenos or cherry tomatoes? You can even get creative with your gardening and have a salsa garden filled with all of the necessary ingredients to make a yummy salsa.

Why Grow a Garden?

If the above salsa recipe didn’t convince you to grow a garden, here are just a few other reasons why you should consider growing a garden full of fresh ingredients to cook with:

  • Grow your favorites just footsteps from your kitchen
  • Know all of the additives and nutrients used to grow your vegetables, fruits and herbs
  • Grow in bulk and share with your family and friends (or host a party)
  • Save money – plant the seeds once and harvest for months to come
  • Get the satisfaction that you grew the food that you ate!

Of course, everyone is going to have different reasons for growing a vertical garden filled with fresh ingredients to cook with. Best of all, My Garden Post vertical garden can be used by novice gardeners just starting out or veteran gardeners who just want an easy experience and an accessible garden. What is your favorite reason to garden? Share with us in the comments or on our Facebook

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