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Indoor Vertical Garden

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It seems impossible, growing a garden inside? And we’re not talking about in a greenhouse or a sunroom, but pretty much any sunny corner of your home could lead to a garden in your home! We’ve created My Garden Post vertical garden system to help gardeners of all ages, experience-levels and locales to grow their garden in any location, inside or out.

So what are the benefits of growing an indoor garden? Isn’t the point of gardening to get outside, dig in the dirt, get your knees dirty and grow something from the earthy? Well, yes and we fully support traditional gardening. However, consider the following:

  • You live in an apartment with no space to garden
  • You struggle bending and kneeling for extended amounts of time
  • Your deck is cluttered with too many planters of different sizes
  • You don’t have the time to care for a large garden
  • It’s your first time gardening and you want something simple

Those are just a few reasons why investing in My Garden Post vertical garden makes the most sense. Not only, is it easy to use – it only takes up 4 square feet! So whether you’re limited on space inside or outside, you have no excuse not to grow when it takes up such little space! In addition to that, the 5 easy planters make it easy to garden and harvest your vegetables and herbs. Hung at varying heights, you don’t ever have to get on your knees to plant your seeds or bulbs. Ideal for senior gardeners who still want to grow their favorites, but can’t spend too long on their knees or bend down.

Container gardening is great for people who don’t have a lawn or yard to grow a garden. However, the more you love the garden, the more containers you tend to have. One way to improve that is to go vertical! And you can go vertical all year round, with My Garden Post. You can use 5 containers on My Garden Post and grow an assortment of vegetables and herbs while only still occupying 4 square feet.

Gardens also take up a lot of time. From taking care of the soil, preparing the garden, actually planting your seeds and then cultivating your vegetables, herbs or fruit – it’s a large time commitment to be a successful gardener. Not to mention, the time you have to take to water your garden. That’s why we offer a drip irrigation system, so you can just set the timer and forget it – perfect for people with busy lifestyles and can’t carve out enough time every day to water their plants.

There are no excuses to not garden inside! And even if you prefer an outdoor garden, that’s fine – just roll your My Garden Post vertical garden outdoors when the weather permits. So, what are you waiting for? Start your indoor garden, today!

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