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​ How to Garden in a City

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Living in a city most definitely has its perks. There’s lots of people, lots to do, lots to see – but unfortunately, the one thing that it does not have is lots of space. So, if you’re a green thumb or looking to grow your own garden for sustainable cooking then there is one simple solution to help you garden in just a little bit of space. My Garden Post vertical garden systems allows you to garden in 5 planters in just four square feet and is ideal for people living in a city with limited space.

Rooftop Gardens

One of the most common ways to grow a garden when space is limited is leveraging the additional space on rooftops. It gives your vegetables, plants and herbs space to grow and also direct access to sunlight. An ideal idea, all you need is space to plant your soil and your favorite plants or herbs to grow. A vertical garden system is also a great way to make the most of your space. You can grow an even larger garden by growing up rather than out. Plus, it prevents you from having the clutter of planters, so you can keep your rooftop terrace for entertaining or grilling in addition to your garden.

Community Gardens

Even as a thriving metropolis, cities often have vast resources to help bring the community together. Despite dense populations and tight spaces, cities often house community gardens that are supported by the locals and utilized by the locals. Residents chip in to help grow vegetables and herbs that can be used by everyone in the neighborhood as long as they contribute to it. You can probably reach out to your local community center to see if they have one, or see about starting one! If you’re starting one and not sure where to start, then try My Garden Post vertical garden system, it doesn’t require a lot of tools – just the right potting mix, vegetable and herb seeds, water and sunlight and you can start your very own community garden in less than an hour!

Vertical Gardens

So, we’ve outlined some of the other options for having a garden while living in a city. But, if you want a personal garden that is just for you – then look no further than My Garden Post. You can grow in just 4 square feet! Inside our outside, the post is versatile and easy to set up. Just select your favorite vegetables and herbs – and set it up in the corner of your home (with plenty of sunlight) or your balcony or patio and watch as your garden comes to life. And for all of those busy city workers, our optional drip irrigation makes it easy to set it and forget it.

City living is great, but don’t let your urban jungle prevent you from growing your own garden. What are your tips to keeping your green thumb alive while living in a city? Share with us in the comments below.

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