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All About Soil

For the purposes of this post, I’ve made two key assumptions. You’ll be growing a salad garden, propagating your transplants from seed and using the My Garden Post for your vertical gardening needs. I know there are many gardening enthusiasts in the frost-free states who are setting up their My Garden Post (MGP) for the first time and all are [...]

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Transitioning Your Garden Indoors

Container gardeners in the northern states have called it quits for the year. Today I’m writing to encourage My Garden Post gardeners to make the transition to indoor gardening and to share a few tips on keeping your MGP producing through the winter. Gardeners in the frost-free states are just planting this month; I want southern gardeners to get started the [...]

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Welcome to the My Garden Post Blog

My first post to My Garden Post (MGP) blog is intended to make introductions and give readers a brief background on the development of My Garden Post. Beyond that I want to share the intended purpose of the blog and what readers can expect to gain from reading the weekly posts. I’m Oliver Gardner and no, my name is [...]

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