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Practical Gardening for Anyone!

Maybe, like myself, you grew up around a garden. Perhaps you have memories of digging your hands into the ground and planting seeds; coming back days later and being excited to see things starting to grow. Or perhaps you never had the gardening experience but like the thought of fresh herbs and vegetables, or beautiful flowers at [...]

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Harvesting the Most from My Garden Post

Most gardeners refer to the back of their seed packets for advice on spacing seeds and transplants in the garden. That’s good advice if you have lots of garden space, but container gardeners should read on for a few basic tips that will increase their vegetable and herb harvest.The lower two planters on My Garden Post are 14” wide. [...]

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A Review of the Basics

I have to remind myself occasionally that the core purpose of this blog is to help My Garden Post gardeners get the highest yield possible with the least amount of work and the most enjoyment. This past weekend, a few friends were invited over to celebrate my wife’s birthday. I was anxious to see them and took the opportunity to show [...]

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Lessons Learned from the spring of 2014

Lesson #1: Designate an afternoon every other week to write and stick to it. It’s been more than a month since my last blog post. I regret that and apologize to you who have expressed interest and have found value in reading my bi-monthly posts. It’s been a great spring for gardening and landscaping. Every day I arise with [...]

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Grow More Vegetables on Balconies, Decks and Patios with My Garden Post

Dick Raymond, author of “Joy of Gardening” and several other best-selling books on the topic, has been a friend of mine for the past 35 years. In the 1980s, he hosted a very popular PBS-TV series titled “Joy of Gardening”. One of the segments featured Compact Gardens, Small Spaces and Containers. He sought to teach apartment dwellers how they could [...]

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“My Garden Post” The Perfect Gift for Mothers Who Garden

The My Garden Post team has lowered the price of our vertical growing system, now through Mother’s Day. You pay only $149.99 and we’ll ship it free of charge, to arrive before her special day. That’s a total savings of $54.~~Available in green and terra cotta~~Six reasons why My Garden Post is the perfect gift for mother. Mothers, especially those over [...]

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Creating Your Garden of Herbs

Early in the development stages of My Garden Post a business friend asked me, “What’s the purpose of your new product?” He went on to explain that gardeners will gauge the value of the product by the problems it solves. Last week I wrote in detail of the many unique features and applications of My Garden Post. In today’s post, [...]

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Who Gardens on My Garden Post?

It took Marc and me over two years to design, develop and launch My Garden Post. We missed our early spring 2013 launch goal but orders began to roll in by the middle of May and have continued to this date. As our customer list grew, we intently studied our customer demographics and compared that demographic to the user we [...]

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Start Your Vegetable Seeds Indoors with the Right Soil, Fertilizer, Moisture,Temperature & Sunlight.

I’m a week late getting this essential information on seed starting to you. I want to apologize for that up front and hope today’s suggestions get to you in time to be of benefit. My last post emphasized the importance of starting your seeds at the right time and I included a seed starting calendar for reference. I also [...]

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Start Your Vegetable Seeds Indoors or Buy Your Transplants?

It’s decision time; town meeting has past and most serious gardeners use that day as a cue to begin seed starting. Others wonder if it would be easier to buy transplants. Here’s my spin on it. Steve Covey, highly acclaimed author of “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”, would tell us to begin with the end in mind. I [...]

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