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4 Reasons to Grow a Vertical Garden

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With Spring still a few weeks ago, it’s just about time to start thinking about your garden. Whether you have the space for a full garden, or just enough for a few planters – going vertical is a great option for all gardeners. Outlined below are the five main reasons why growing a vertical garden is ideal.

SVertical Vegetable Garden

Save Space

If you live in an apartment or condo – the space that you have to grow a garden could be limited. A vertical garden like My Garden Post allows you to grow an entire garden in just 4 square feet. With 5 planters, including 2 large and 3 small, you can grow a variety of herbs and vegetables on a vertical post. It saves space from having multiple planters along your deck or balcony, while allowing you to grow a variety of your favorites.

Garden to Table Cooking

Farm to table and garden to table cooking is a current trend, with more restaurants offering it and even services providing fresh food delivered to your door. So, why not create your own “garden to table” service with a vertical garden. Not only do you get the satisfaction of growing your own vegetables and herbs, but then you can incorporate it into your cooking! Make the freshest of meals with vegetables and herbs picked from your vertical garden.

Easy Maintenance

No bending, no weeding, no problems! My Garden Post vertical garden is designed to make it easy to garden for gardeners of all ages including senior citizens. With the 5 different planters, you can garden without having to bend down or dig in the dirt. It even comes with the optional drip irrigation, so you can set a timer and have your plants watered – just set it and forget it.

Grow Indoor & Outdoor

Some vertical gardens have the option to grow indoors as well as outdoors. With space-saving designs and creative containers, you can grow a garden inside your home. Whether it’s a My Garden Post rolled into the corner of your sunroom, or you can get creative with your DIY projects and build your own garden. Best of all, no matter the season or the weather – you can garden year round.

The benefits of growing a vertical garden make it an ideal system for new gardeners, senior gardeners, urban gardeners and even those who like to cook with fresh ingredients. Get started today with My Garden Post vertical garden system at our new price of $69.99!

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