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Instruction for your new My Garden Post vertical gardening system

Congratulations on your purchase of My Garden Post® – a growing system that combines a nationally acclaimed 
planter with a unique vertical concept to maximize use of limited space for urban gardeners.

The MGP was initially developed to grow fresh herbs and vegetables, but our test gardeners and rural friends soon found more plants to enjoy growing vertically. Combinations of flowering annuals, ferns and grasses make a beautiful display of color for the patio or pool. With all five pots planted in ever-bearing strawberries, My Garden Post will produce fresh fruit in June and on through September.

During the winter months, My Garden Post was found to be a great way to grow a variety of tropical plants in a sunny room. We’re confident you’ll discover additional ways to get the best harvest and most enjoyment by growing vertically.

Benefits of growing on My Garden Post
MGP occupies only 2' x 2' of floor space and allows you remove the clutter of assorted pots with this efficient vertical garden system. Tending your plants is easy. There’s no weeding, no bending and never a reason to get
your knees dirty.

Plants thrive in the light well drained soil. The risk of typical garden diseases
and insects is greatly reduced with the MGP system. Watering the planters
is easy and efficient with MGP’s optional drip irrigation kit. Just set the dial
and leave. Click here to download the instruction manual.



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