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Urban Gardeners

 are increasingly aware that most herbs and vegetables are grown great distances from their market and harvested several days or weeks before they are purchased. That practice has an adverse effect on the environment and diminishes the taste and nutrient values. My Garden Post allows urban gardeners to reduce the carbon footprint of their food and enjoy the experience of growing their own and eating fresh. Balconies, decks and patios are now the garden patches of the future.

Container Gardeners

 already know the many advantages of growing in containers. The My Garden Post vertical garden system allows you to grow more plants in less space, just 4 square feet. It’s not only functional, but equally decorative and durable. Constructed with high-quality UV – resistant plastics, MGP promises many years of productive gardening. When your garden and living space are combined, appearance is important. MGP replaces the clutter of assorted pots and wasted space with a handsome vertical presentation of our unique planters.

Cooking Enthusiasts

 insist on freshness and knowing where and how their herbs and vegetables are grown. There’s no better security than growing your own. My Garden Post offers the chef in your home the convenience of a vertical garden only a few steps from the kitchen. We recommend one MGP for herbs and a second for vegetables.

My Garden Post

was designed to be elder-friendly. The complete system arrives in one box and weighs only 25 lbs. Assembly takes only a few minutes and no tools are required. There’s no heavy lifting. Filled planters are light and easily mounted on the post. MGP has made gardening easier and more fun. There’s no reason to bend or stretch and never a need to get down on your knees. We’ve eliminated weeding and greatly reduced the exposure to common diseases and insects.
Educators around the world are realizing the need to teach their students how their food is grown and the benefits of eating healthy and fresh. Several features of MGP are ideal for classroom instruction. Mounted on five sturdy casters, MGP easily rotates and moves about the classroom. The containers are within easy reach of students for planting, tending and harvesting.
At the entrance, MGP will greet visitors with a vertical arrangement of all your favorite annual flowers. Amateur and professional landscapers agree that My Garden Post can be introduced to the foundation planting to create color and interest. Planters are sold separately and can serve as beautiful seasonal accents around your home and landscape. All you need is a standard 4”x4” post to mount it on. Mailbox posts and deck railings are where you most commonly see them, but the possibilities are endless.



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