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  1. How important is the drip irrigation to my success with the My Garden Post vertical gardening system?
    Answer: Lack of consistent adequate moisture to your plants is the most common cause of failure. If you forget to water your planters even one hot day, plants will wilt and it may take days or weeks for the plants to return to full vigor. The optional drip irrigation system is easily programmed to water your plants with the correct amount and on a schedule you determine is best. Although we encourage you to check your plants daily, our system allows you to leave My Garden Post unattended for days at a time.

  2. How long will it take to receive My Garden Post after I place the order?
    Answer: In most states in the US, you should plan on 3-5 days.

  3. Do I have to worry about My Garden Post toppling over in the wind?
    Answer: My Garden Post was designed to be very stable with a wide base and low center of gravity. It’s best to avoid locating your My Garden Post in an area subject to frequent high winds exceeding 35 mph. If high winds are forecast, here are a few tips to help prevent accidents. (1) Remove the three small planters and place them near the base. (2) Place one or two bags of potting soil on the base to better anchor the system in place. (3) Be sure to irrigate the planters before the winds arrive. The added weight of the water increases stability.

  4. What is the best soil to use in the planters?
    Answer: Our years of testing confirm that a soilless potting mix offers the best results. A complete recommendation is given in the 16 page booklet that comes with your My Garden Post.

  5. Can I germinate seeds in the planters?
    Answer: Yes, as long as the soil temperature remains in the range of 65-70 degrees F or warmer. This is the most practical method for many short season crops like greens and radishes.

  6. Is the drip irrigation system approved for use inside?
    Answer: There is always a chance of an unwanted leak, regardless of how carefully you install the system. By design the drippers are supposed to overwater the containers and allow the excess water to drain from the holes in the bottom of each planter. Plugs are provided for the planters and should be installed when MGP is moved indoors for the winter.

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