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Who Gardens on My Garden Post?

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It took Marc and me over two years to design, develop and launch My Garden Post. We missed our early spring 2013 launch goal but orders began to roll in by the middle of May and have continued to this date. As our customer list grew, we intently studied our customer demographics and compared that demographic to the user we thought My Garden Post would appeal to. I thought our findings might be of interest to perspective buyers. That’s the topic of this week’s blog.

I have been an avid gardener and worked in the retail gardening industry for 40+ years. Marc approached me to collaborate with him on the development of his new vertical gardening concept and I immediately saw potential for his idea. In our first meeting, I advised Marc that fewer people are vegetable gardening each year and his product might better succeed, if it addressed the root cause of that trend. A recent National Gardening poll revealed the interest in vegetable gardening is stronger than ever, but a measureable number of aging baby boomers are no longer participating. We looked into the reasons why.

We found that a large number of avid gardeners who had planted large gardens for decades were no longer able or interested in crawling around their gardens on their knees. Many of those same gardeners had sold their homes and moved into condos and senior housing complexes that offered only a balcony adaptable to container gardening. My Garden Post addresses both problems experienced by this group of aging seniors.

There’s never a reason for dirty knees, bending or reaching when you garden on a My Garden Post. All five planters are firmly mounted on a post and plants are growing within a comfortable reach for tending and harvest. The 5th graders at the Orchard School in South Burlington, Vermont and Ann, our oldest MGP gardener at 96, appreciate the ease and efficiency of the My Garden Post vertical gardening system.

Neither aging baby boomers nor young urban professionals have to make a choice between using their balcony, deck or patio for growing vegetables and flowers or for their own relaxation. The My Garden Post beautifully arranges more than 20 sq ft of plants on a vertical growing system that takes only 4 sq ft. There’s room for garden and gardener on even the smallest balcony.

Poor soil conditions, insects, weeds and plant diseases are the bane of gardeners everywhere. My Garden Post helps to prevent many of these more common problems. Using a good quality potting mix in the planters protects against soil nutrition deficiencies and prevents exposure to soil borne diseases and insects. There’s never any weeding in your MGP garden. Gardeners neither have time nor interest in that mundane task. Many fungal problems are caused by poor air circulation. Growing vertically exposes your plants to the breezes and keeps the leaf surfaces drier. Taking all into consideration, MGP helps you grow healthier plants with less work and increased yield.

My Garden Post with its uniquely designed drip irrigation system solves one of the busy gardeners’ biggest challenges.

The My Garden Post vertical gardening system comes with a complete drip irrigation system that waters your planters so you don’t have to. The drip irrigation system includes a high quality fully programmable automatic timer that never forgets to water. Installation takes 30 minutes and requires only scissors and a tape measure. Step by step instructions are included.

My Garden Post is mounted on 5 sturdy casters, which allow gardeners to moves the system around as they please. This feature adds to the ease and enjoyment of gardening on the MGP vertical gardening system.

Cooking enthusiasts enjoy having their herbs and vegetables growing just a few feet from the kitchen.

My Garden Post’s handsome sturdy construction is a welcome addition to the interior of most homes and decors. There are a large number of herb varieties tropical plants that grow vigorously all winter inside when the system is rolled to a large sunny window that faces south.

The MGP was designed to meet the gardener’s interests throughout the year. When the vegetables are all harvested, conversion to a fall planting theme is fun and easy. The arrangements featured below lasted two full months, until it was time to convert again to Christmas.

I’ve enjoyed this opportunity to summarize all the wonderful features of the My Garden Post vertical growing system. It’s a finely engineered product that is unique to the industry and built to provide years of gardening enjoyment. There’s no product like it and no easier way to grow a garden of vegetables, herbs, flowers or fruit on just 4 sq. ft.

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