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The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift: My Garden Post

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Mom’s are not always the easiest to buy a gift for. You can spend time and money in a flower shop, or trying to pick out the perfect vase or gift card. The whole process can be frustrating.


You can surprise her with something she would enjoy using, My Garden Post.

No matter where your mom lives, My Garden Post can fit into her space and into her lifestyle. Easy to assemble, your mom can have My Garden Post assembled in minutes. Soon she will be creating her own unique and beautiful vertical flower garden, or just as easily have fresh herbs and vegetables to use all season long. 

As you can see by this picture (above), one of the great features of the My Garden Post is the amount of space it takes up. Visually, it is appealing, a perfect addition to the space it occupies as well as a conversation starter. Using only a four foot square creates many options as to where it. As My Garden Post is on castors, you can also move it at any time.

The versatility of My Garden Post makes it ideal for balconies, decks, and patios of any size. The optional drip irrigation system makes watering a “non issue.” No more hurting your knees as you kneel into the dirt. No more hurting your back from all the bending over. My Garden Post has all the benefits of a garden without all the back breaking hard work!

The possibilities and combinations you can use in your My Garden Post are endless. The instructions included in the box has ideas of what can work well in your pots and you can also bookmark this page for ongoing tips and tricks to make the most out of your growing season. 

Mother’s Day this year is May 10th. There is plenty of time to order My Garden Post and give you mom a gift that she can enjoy for years to come. 

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