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Practical Gardening for Anyone!

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Maybe, like myself, you grew up around a garden. Perhaps you have memories of digging your hands into the ground and planting seeds; coming back days later and being excited to see things starting to grow. Or perhaps you never had the gardening experience but like the thought of fresh herbs and vegetables, or beautiful flowers at your fingertips.

Many things in today’s world can hinder that dream of a garden. For one, they can be a lot of work. Choosing where to plant, working the ground into a mix that works well with your plants, as well as weeding, watering, fencing to keep the critters out, and other upkeep can be a deal breaker for most people. Weather can also play a role, as storms, and extreme temperatures can wreak havoc on all of your hard work. Honestly, who has the time?

This above scenario is a perfect reason why My Garden Post is a gardeners or “want to be gardener” dream. My Garden Post can take all that you love about gardening and place it at your fingertips:

a. the vertical advantage of My Garden Post leaves far less exposure to soil born insects and diseases

b. plants have better air circulation, which makes them less susceptible to mildew and other fungi

c. the planters are positioned at a comfortable height for planting, maintenance and harvesting

d. there is no stretching, bending, reaching or dirty knees

e. option of having the irrigation system built into My Garden Post to allow for automatic watering

f. Due to the vertical layout, space is minimal. My garden post works well on a deck, porch, or other small space.

g. the base is mounted on five sturdy casters that allow you to easily move the garden about to find best exposure to the sun

The combinations you can use with a My Garden Post are endless! Be sure to bookmark this page and stop back often as we unpack how My Garden Post is the answer for you. Upcoming posts will include tips on what to grow, how to get the most out of your My Garden Post, benefits of the irrigation timer, gift giving ideas and more!

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