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My Garden Post’s Drip Irrigation System: It’s Just Crazy to Container Garden Without It (Part II)

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Only One Tool Needed and 30 Minutes

A drip irrigation will save container gardeners hours of time every week, save them money and help grow healthier more productive gardens. Two weeks ago I wrote about the many advantages of container gardening and managing irrigation with a fullyautomated drip irrigation system. No one with a job and/or a busy lifestyle will ever convince me that they can water their container garden as well as or better than a drip irrigation system. With an investment of $45 and a ½ hour of your time up front, My GardenPost Drip Irrigation System makes it possible for you to water your plants when they need it, every day of the gardening season. You will never come home to wilted plants and never have to remember to water your plants again. The MGPDIS does it for you.

Parts Inventory

Here’s what you get for your investment along with a spring, summer and fall of worry-free container gardening, at least the watering part. The parts inventory pictured above is for the specific use of irrigating the My Garden Post vertical gardening system, but it can be used to irrigate any seven container planters within 35 ft. of the water source. Best of all, additional tubing, barbed connectors and drippers will allow you to irrigate more than 100 planters.

  • Timer
  • Read partone of this two part blog post for complete information on the MGP Rain Star Timer
  • Backflow Preventer
  • Pressure Reducer
  • Adapter
  • 6 Barbed T Fittings
  • 7 Drippers (.5 gph)
  • 7 Support Stakes
  • Approximately 40 ft. of ¼ inch flexible micro tubing


Don’t be concerned about the long list of parts. It all goes together easily in minutes. All you need is one tool (pictured below) and a yardstick or tape measure. I have found any sharp pair of scissors works just great.

The drippers and Ts have barbed inserts that slide easily into the flexible tubing. Assembly is easy, uncomplicated and good fun.

The My Garden Post automated drip irrigation system will last for many years and save you a great amount of $$ and relieve you from the burden of watering your planter once and often twice a day. Your system will look like this when you are at work or play.

Visit us at mygardenpost.com for more information on the My Garden Post Drip Irrigation System.

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