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My Garden Post on the Road

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Hi Oliver,

Mike and I first learned of My Garden Post when doing a search for vertical garden systems and thought it would be ideal for our RV travels. When we arrived in Arizona for the winter, we placed an order for a MGP soon after we settled into our park. It arrived a few days later and we’re very happy with our purchase. Your blog has given us some good ideas. Mike thought you would enjoy the attached pictures and details of our first gardening experiences.

Assembly went off without a hitch, just as your instructions promised. Mike systemically followed steps to install the drip irrigation system. It took us about 45 minutes and it works like a charm. A few of our neighbors stopped by to see what we were up to. They were impressed; you should see some orders from them in the near future.

Mike is proud to include this picture of the drip tubing arrangement in the base. It’s very innovative. We love it.

The day after we assembled our My Garden Post, Mike and I headed off to Lowe’s for soil, plants and fertilizer. We weren’t able to find some of the varieties you recommend, so we just bought plants we thought we would enjoy growing. Our plan is to make full use of all the planters and thin the plants later as we have to.

We chose a couple tomatoes and a red California pepper. The thyme and rosemary looked very healthy so we bought a 4” pot of each. I wanted some color and added pansies, petunias and alyssum. We bought a couple seed packs of mixed greens and plan to germinate them inside and transplant them to the planters in a month or so. As the planters begin to fill out, we’ll send you more pictures and an update on our success.

We no sooner got MGP planted when Mike commented that it would be great to have one or two more. So don’t be surprised if you see another order from us come through.

Plans are to stay here in Arizona until May, then hit the road again. We’re thinking that we might stow our My Garden Post fully assembled in the RV when travel to our next location.

Thank you so much; we love our My Garden Post.

Linda and Mike

Mesa, Arizona

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