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Mike and Linda with My Garden Post in Arizona

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Mike and Linda are happy with the return of hot days and warm nights to Arizona. They’ve shared several pictures and comments of their vertical gardening experiences on My Garden Post over the past two months.

The My Garden Post owners drove their new RV to Az. to spend the 1st winter. Realizing that there was no opportunity for a garden plot and they would only be on site for 3-4 months, they found a My Garden Post to be a perfect means to garden and travel. When they relocate in late April (parts unknown), plans are to stow the MGP and planters in the RV for the trip. They’ll set it up again when they arrive at their next destination.


Mike and Linda worked together to assemble the MGP and reported that assembly was easy. They followed the instructions and found them very helpful. The My Garden Post goes together in less than 10 minutes with no tools required. Mike found installing the drip irrigation system to be more involved, but the total project was complete in less than an hour.

Linda chose to plant their MGP with a variety of annual flowers and a few vegetables. What to plant was determined by availability and what starter plants looked good and healthy and what she liked to grow. Linda’s decision is not uncommon among My Garden Post owners. While most choose to grow a selection of herbs or their favorite vegetables, many like Linda just mix it up.

There are a few thousand residents in the RV park. Mike and Linda located their MGP near the street where bikers and walkers would best see it. They wrote that it has been the topic of conversation many times when total strangers stop and ask questions. Most folks are fascinated by the automated drip irrigation system. Every day at 10:00 AM the planters get watered while Mike and Linda are off playing tennis.

Daughter Leah is visiting her parents and she is pictured here primping some of her mother’s flowers. Both are avid gardeners at home.

My thanks to Mike, Linda and Leah for sharing their pictures and experiences. Enjoy the sunshine and please continue to update us on your travels and success with growing on My Garden Post.

I’d also like to remind most followers that it’s time to start your seeds for this spring. Next week I’ll share a helpful calendar for seed starting and a few helpful tips to save you time and money.

Thanks for following, Oliver

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