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Growing on My Garden Post

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The minds of My Garden Post owners living north of the Sunbelt states will soon turn to gardening and plans will be made to get the maximum yield from their vertical gardening systems. One key decision we have to make is, will we seed directly into the planter or will we buy starter plants and transplant them to the MGP planters? I’ve received some recent pictures from my blog contributors in Arizona, Florida and the Bahamas, which will help us answer the question.

You will want to take the cost of seeds and transplants and your patience to wait for the harvest under consideration. For example, your can buy a pack of tomato seeds containing 25 seeds for less than $3. One organic transplant in a 4” pot will cost $5, more or less. That’s the financial consideration. I mentioned patience; the $5 transplant will save you 4 to 6 weeks. For peppers, the time from planting to harvest is shortened by a full 6 weeks when compared to starting from seed. For some, the 4-6 weeks is worth the added expense. I personally get as much enjoyment from seeing the seeds germinate and grow to transplant size as I do harvesting the fruit. I save money and more enjoy the experience when I start from seed. Fortunately there is no wrong decision.

Fred and Jane in southern Florida sent me pictures taken 2/11/14, just one week after seeding directly into the planters. They emailed me a second group taken 15 days after the first pictures were taken. It’s obvious the growing conditions are near perfect. I’m envious.

Space Saver Cucumber 7 days old

Same cukes 15 days later

Radish 7 days after seeding             

Same radish 23 days after seeding

Mixed Greens 7 days after seeding        

Mixed Greens 23 days after seeding     

Jane credits the MGP drip irrigation in part for their success. They have not had to manually water since the day the system was set up, with the exception of the one day a week when they fertilize the planters.

Some may remember Kathy in Eleuthera. I featured her experiences with gardening on My Garden Post in a blog post a few weeks ago. Last week she was kind to send me a picture of her progress. Her cucumbers were seeded directly in the planter and it appears she’ll be harvesting in the near future. Yes, that’s a tomato growing in the middle of the planter. Experimentation and sharing the results is a good source of enjoyment for gardeners.

Mike and Linda have their My Garden Post on display in front of their RV in Mesa, Az. The cold nights were a challenge right after they planted. The polar vortex is still a problem for much of the country as I write today. They escaped this round and are already harvesting tomatoes. Mike regretted not taking pictures with the fruit on the vine. I’ll feature their photos and comments next week.

We also have town meeting to look forward to next week. For northern gardeners, it’s the symbolic date for indoor seed starting. Thanks for following and learning more about My Garden Post, the vertical garden system for balconies, decks and patios.

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