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Growing Lettuce on My Garden Post

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The three pictures below were photographed a few weeks ago on May 13th. The gourmet mixed lettuce seeds were sown the third week in March and transplanted into 24 inch pots on April 15. I transplanted the 4 inch pots to the MGP planters at the end of April and set them outside.

I took the first harvest on May 13th and it is pictured in the bowl on the kitchen table. Even though this occurred a few weeks ago, I was still experiencing some cold and wet days in Vermont (much like other areas around the country). However, growing conditions with My Garden Post are still favorable, whether using a large and small planter, or a full vertical gardening system. The small and large planter featured below provided enough fresh greens for two large salads and will be ready for harvesting in anywhere from 7-10 days.

My Garden Posts are located just a few steps from the kitchen, or should we say a few rolls? It’s hard to imagine a more immediate farm to the table scenario.  

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