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Greetings from Eleuthera

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Greetings from Eleuthera, Oliver

My husband and I have been following your blog the last few weeks and we decided My Garden Post is perfect for our needs, so we ordered one prior to leaving for the Bahamas for the winter. It was an experience getting it here and we ran into a variety of problems. No problems with your product, getting it here and finding soil and plants posed some unexpected challenges. I’m writing to tell you how happy we are with our My Garden Post and to share a few pictures and details of our somewhat humorous story.

First I’ll explain why MGP is perfect for us. I’m recovering from hip replacement surgery and just not able to get down on my knees in the garden. Vertical gardening is painless and hassle free for me now. Actually growing a vegetable garden on our property isn’t an option. We’ve owned our little cottage in heaven for the past four years. We have a great view of the ocean and all we need to be comfortable and happy except for a vegetable garden. The soil is coral based, stony and has very little organic matter. I’ve worked hard to landscape our lot with native plants, but I’ve had no luck growing basic vegetables. Now I look forward to growing tomatoes, peppers, greens and herbs right on our deck with good soil and automated irrigation. We’re pretty happy with that.

This picture shows our humble start, which is not all my fault. Things move very slowly in the Bahamas. That’s one of the things we love most about being here, but I was in a rush to get gardening soon after we landed. I mentioned we had problems, right. There wasn’t a bag of good potting soil to be found on the island for the first three weeks we were here. I brought seeds from home and I was sooo anxious to germinate them. When the boat arrived, the hardware store called me and I rushed to town before they sold out.

With my bags of soil in hand, I went looking for starter plants. I found some at another small hardware store. The few tomatoes and peppers looked very healthy. I couldn’t find any signs or tags and the friendly young attendant was no help. She said they must have fallen out. I thought what the he--, I’ll give them a try.

I’m happy with My Garden Post and optimistic for a good harvest of my unknown tomatoes and peppers. My mixed greens and assorted herbs germinated quickly and have put on a lot of growth since I took this picture. Temperatures have been perfect so far and the sun never disappoints us. We’ll do things a little different when we return next winter. I should mention our My Garden Post fits perfectly in one of our large suitcases and passed through customs without notice. We plan to take it home with us in the spring.

Love our MGP,


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