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Gardening Systems: Make the Most out of your Investment

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My Garden Postcosts most folks $149.99 or more. As gardening systems go, it’s about mid-range, but still an investment that can’t be made without reasonable due diligence. Gardeners are a practical lot and want to get full value out of every dollar.

The purpose of this post is to help you with your diligence. While some may be content with 3 or 4 months of vegetable gardening, I’m posting weekly suggestions on ways to keep a My Garden Post in use and productive 12 months a year. I’ve already shared my experience with growing herbs inside and the enjoyment of cooking with fresh herbs all winter long. Today I have pictures of three ways to use your MGP and individual planters after the vegetable gardening season has passed.

This arrangement of ferns, pothos and ivy grow very well indoors. The wealth of light from the glass door is actually more than the plants need, but they loved it. My Garden Post is an attractive addition to the décor of gardener’s homes.

With my vegetables all harvested, I converted two My Garden Posts to fall themes. This handsome planting of mums, kale, cabbage and grasses looked terrific for 2 months.

These MGP planters grew a lush display of annuals all summer. For the holidays, they make a beautiful addition to the other Christmas decorations about the house. The innovative planter design and secure mounting bracket allow you to garden vertically anywhere you have a 4” X 4” post.

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