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Beautiful Fruit and Vegetable Combos For My Garden Post

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My Garden Post is ideal for growing beautiful fruits and vegetables that you can literally pick and serve within minutes! One of the many great things about planting vegetables in My Garden Post is that you can fill the containers with delicious combinations so your containers will be overflowing with healthy choices.

Here are a few tried and true ideas to use with My Garden Post:

Not all fruits work with My Garden Post, however one that excels beautifully would be the Frais du Bois strawberry. What is unique about the Frais du Bois flowers is that is produces a small sweet berry from June to October. The June bearing varieties of strawberries tend to produce larger berries and more of them at one time. The ever bearing varieties such as the Frais du Bois generally produce a smaller berry and fewer at any one time.

As for vegetables, most vegetables that grow to maturity of 24 inches or less work well.

Gourmet lettuce is an excellent choice. A suggestion of two 4” transplants will fill one of the smaller containers to overflowing with nutritious lettuce.

You can mix several vegetables in the same container. Try placing radish seeds in with a container that is also growing tomatoes and pepper. By the time the tomatoes and peppers need the space where the radishes are growing, the radishes are ready to be harvested. 

I often recommend the Bush Steak tomato and suggests planting in the large planters. The Bush Steak Tomato matures at 20 inches in height, and produce a medium size tomato in large numbers.

This is just a small sample of some of the varieties you can try in My Garden Post. One of the most important things is do not be afraid to fill the pots. When your pot is thriving you should not be able to see any soil. Experiment and share your findings with us. We would love to hear your My Garden Post stories!

*On the back of the instruction book that comes with My Garden Post are a list of vegetables that work very well in the pots.

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