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5 Reasons to Gift My Garden Post to Friends and Family

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Several times a year we are challenged to buy a meaningful gift which the recipient will appreciate and get years of enjoyment from. Many of these friends and family members are plant and gardening enthusiasts and My Garden Post might just be perfect for someone on your gift list.

Reason #1

Ninety six year old Anne Doris is one of millions of seniors living in a senior living complex, which offers residents only a small balcony to pursue gardening interests. Before her son bought Anne a My Garden Post for Mother’s Day, her balcony was cluttered with planters and there was no room for Anne. Now her vegetable and herb garden is neatly arranged and uses only 4 sf of her balcony.

The Orchard School in So. Burlington, Vermont

Reason #2

The teachers at the Orchard School offer a gardening curriculum for grades 1-8. They use My Garden Post for many of their lessons. Children find the arrangement of the planters on My Garden Post an easy reach for tending their plants and harvesting their vegetables and herbs. The National Gardening Association has introduced MGP to hundreds of school districts across the country, which rely on the organization for all their curriculum needs. Parents are finding My Garden Post to be an effective means for their children to continue their classroom instruction at home.

“No Dirty Knees” when you garden on a My Garden Post

Reason #3

Most seniors and the disabled have little interest in getting down on their knees to tend their plants. With My Garden Post, there’s no bending, reaching or stretching. All five planters are within easy reach, even if you are gardening from a wheelchair. I know; I do it every day.

Reason #4

There should be room for you and your planters on your deck. I took these five lush planters off the MGP and spaced them on the deck. They took over 20 sf of space. When mounted on My Garden Post, the same planters were beautifully displayed on just 4 sf, which gave Cheryl plenty of room to read and enjoy here plants. Surely there is someone on your gift list in need of more space and organization.

Reason #5

Cooking Enthusiasts insist on freshness and knowing where and how their herbs and vegetables are grown. There’s no better security than growing your own. My Garden Post offers the chef on your gift list the convenience of a vertical garden only a few steps from the kitchen. We recommend one MGP for herbs and a second for vegetables. My Garden Post makes a great gift for your friend or family member who enjoys cooking, gardening and eating healthy.

To learn more about My Garden Post or to buy one, visit us at www.mygardenpost.com

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