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Six Easy Steps for Transplanting Cucumbers Successfully

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  1. Two hours before you begin the process, water the cucumber to be transplanted thoroughly and allow the planter to drain.
  2. Provide the cucumbers adequate room to grow by choosing a planter at least three or 4 inches larger in diameter than the planter they are currently growing in and at least 2 inches deeper. A good example would be to transplant a cucumber from a small My Garden Post planter to a large My Garden Post planter.
  3. Place 2 inches of potting soil evenly on the bottom of the larger planter. Moisten the soil and tamp it firmly in place.
  4. Place one hand among the vines of the cucumber in a way to hold the soil in place as you turn the small planter upside down. With the other hand, gently pull the planter from the roots and soil of the cucumber. With a good root mass, the soil should remain in the shape of the planter.
  5. Set the small planter aside. Using both hands, turn the cucumber over and place it in the center of the larger planter. The top of the soil should be 1 inch below the rim of the planter. Add potting soil as necessary and use your fingers to tamp it in place, so as to avoid air pockets.
  6. Return your large planter of cucumbers to one of the two lower brackets on your My Garden Post. Place the dual drippers in the center of the planter and you are ready to go. This might be the ideal time to water in your transplanted cucumbers with a fertilizer solution, i.e. fish emulsion

(pictures coming soon)

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