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About Us

my-garden-post-herbs.pngLlona Innovations is a small family owned and operated company based in Williston, Vermont. We have been building high quality innovative garden products since our founding in 2004. Our core values define My Garden Post. Quality, honesty and gardening enjoyment are built right into every system we make.

My Garden Post is an innovative vertical gardening system designed to meet the needs of millions of gardeners with limited space and those who just want gardening to be easier, more fun and more productive. Initially My Garden Post's intended use was to replace the clutter of herb and vegetable containers that litter urban balconies, decks and patios. Our goals were to make room for you and your plants and clean the place up. We also wanted to do away with the heavy pots and eliminate the stooping, reaching, stretching and the constant worry of watering. We did that.

Later tests in rural Vermont and sunny Florida revealed that My Garden Post had far more potential. Its ornamental value soon became equally popular. We began to experiment with colorful lush combinations of flowering annuals and foliage. These floral gardens displayed beautifully at the entrance to homes and countless other locations throughout the landscape.

my-garden-post-strawberries.pngFrom there, we expanded to find the perfect variety of ever bearing strawberry that would thrive in our planters and produce bowls of fruit from June to October. Note the quality and abundance of the "Mara Des Bois" strawberries in the photo to the right.

We were reluctant to have the gardening season end and found there is no reason to retire My Garden Post for the winter. Inside by a sunny window, cooking enthusiasts have been growing several varieties of fresh herbs just a few steps from the kitchen. If you’re not into cooking, My Garden Post can be planted with a variety of tropical flowers and ferns to create a floral expression to enhance any room in your home.

empty-planter.pngMy Garden Post Planters are sold separately and can serve as beautiful seasonal accents around your home and landscape. All you need is a standard 4”x4” post to mount it on. Mailbox posts and deck railings are where you most commonly see them, but the possibilities are endless.







retailerschoicelogo.pngIn 2008, Llona Innovations LLC received the prestigious, national Retailer’s Choice Award. The award specifically recognized the innovative planters and mounting bracket utilized in the My Garden Post system.

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